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Well, my dear friend Stacey is getting married!! We have literally been through relationships, dating, heartache, moving, home buying – new relationships together. We were laughing the other day how we used to sit on the phones b*tching about our old boyfriends and now here we are. ENGAGEMENT DRESS SHOPPING. Well for her – I’m too busy committed to my skin care regime to be committed to a man.

I took her to one of my favourite boutiques here – which if you’re in the Calgary area – Blondie Botique is where it’s at. 😉

I’m super excited because

1. She picked an amazing dress for her engagement photos

2. I told her I’d write out a photoshoot Prep article for her.

Here’s how I get photoshoot ready and let me tell you – it’s a process but so worth it!

  • WATERLOAD – there is nothing better for your skin than lots of water. It does a world of difference for your skin, flushed toxins – you guys know the drill.
  • Cardio, Weights, Cardio – mainly because there is nothing like being confident in your skin.
  • More H20 – lessen the caffeine but up that water!
  • Diet – reduce the bloating foods! Eat lots of blueberries, pomegranate, greens and limit dairy.
  • I face mask – all the time – in the morning & at night. The more moisture I can get into my skin the better! I use a really natural skin care line – Eminence think natural Hylauronic Acid to plump out those fine lines, coconut, tea tree oil etc. If it’s natural – it’s sitting on my face.
  • Along with face masking – look after those lips! The worst thing to have is dry chapped lips! I use a sugar scrub followed by Blistex Butters or Blistex Five Star. Morning, throughout the day & night – 7 days a week. Also, moist lips make it easier to smile – have it on hand when you are shooting and dont be scared to reapply!
  • Also, dont be scared to give your skin a little lite buff – I love the L’oreal Kiwi Sugar Scrub for Face – so gentle but so effective!
  • Dermaplaning – I love getting all the peach fuzz off my face before hand so my makeup and products really sit smooth and absorb. You can do this at home (I use Sephora Razors or you can get it done Prof.)
  • Eyebrows – max 2 days before so they are fresh!  I’m given to break out always after a wax – unless I use a cream Polysporin the night of and morning of for the next 2 days.
  • Do not forget the body. I LOVE a good exfoliating shower pre shoot – I use Olay Strawberry Whipped Body Wash followed with Dove Kiwi Exfoliating Body Polish. Get a really great moisturizer for after shower! Glow that skin up! 
  • I love a good Bondi Sands tanner pre photoshoot. However, give it 3 days before hand so it has a chance to natural itself out. Be super careful around the hands, ankles etc. If you’re not pro at your self tanner – skip it. If it’s for a job booking. SKIP it.
  • HiSmile has been a game changer in my photoshoot prep! I love using these 3 days before shoot and maintaining in between! Sparkling white teeth are amazing! I use Crest Glamorous White – because I am Glamorous – right?
  • Natural clean nails. Think nude, light pink or clear. Nobody likes a distracting nail in a photo!
  • SLEEP. There is nothing that a good couple nights sleep can’t solve. Yes, that’s right – couple nights.

And when all else fails. Photoshop – which relies heavily on your photographer you chose 🖤 the more you can do before hand, the less post production as well. Your photographer, skin and body will thank you.


Rae. 🖤



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