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I’m on a flight to New York for the second time this year. Counting my blessings as we speak! I’m reading #girlboss by Sophia Amoruso which seems fitting. I was going to read this whole flight because to be honest – I haven’t had much wisdom to write about lately.

Page 54 – I see Sophia Amoruso’s comp card. Ahhh, yes the age old comp card for us models.

I started modeling at 22 – older for modeling. Let’s be honest 5’4 wasn’t exactly screaming Canada’s Next Top Model in 2006 and I was very focused on being Canada’s Next Top Cruise Ship Dancer. What else do you do with 16 years of dance? I danced in and out of school and then quickly jetéd into my Business Marketing Program.

After years of being told I should model, one bad break up and an appetite to grow I walked into my agency, Numa Models – now known as The Numa Network. #praiseup

Let’s be honest, Calgary, Alberta is not screaming Chanel & Balenciaga. Let’s not focus on that though, let’s focus on opportunity – I tell every model – no matter location – this is a cruel industry, it’s competitive, and unfortunately .1% will ever make it into a lucrative career. If you can leverage off of it, and find value and get savvy – that’s where you’ll find your success. Besides even if you do make it you better hope you’ve been working on your back up plan – hell, Cindy Crawford has a furniture line – Tyra Banks – TV, Books, Movies.

Did I ever think Miranda Kerr and I were going to compete? That’s going to be a hard no. However, I knew networking and relations could get me far and modeling screamed content, relationships & opportunity.

2 years after signing my 1 year contract I was full blown fledged Numa. Numa never sent me a new contract – I’m loyal without having to sign a piece of paper. Wait, you guys still want me right? Right?

Agency life is different – we literally are go go go. I’ve ran out of time more than I even knew I had. Sometimes it’s a 7 hour day, sometimes it’s 16 hours a day for a month solid. Figuring out how to deliver value, expansion & growth is a constant state of mind. Sometimes we are beyond stressed & frustrated. Fighting with ourselves over next steps. We gather around a table as a family in Edmonton and get through 5% of a meeting agenda in a 6 hour meeting. See that key word there family.

Sometimes it all looks glamour & travel but behind the scenes there is a team working around the clock, brain storming, and putting in all they have.

I’m fully engrossed in an industry I never really cared for. I dislike fashion & I would never read a Vogue. However, faced with a question “would I put my own daughter or son and invest in portfolio development” – my answer remains hell yes, without a doubt, every time.

Who knew Business, Fashion, Travel, Health, Relations and so much more would become my life at 26.

“I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be” – Douglas Adams

Cheers Numa, see you in NYC. ♥️

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