The Hair Chico

The hair chico, it never lies.

Oh wait no, that’s the eyes.

For me though, it’s my hair. J and I will argue that I think my asset is my hair and he kindly says it’s my smile.

By the amount of people who ask about my hair as opposed to the brand of toothpaste I use – I’m going with the winner of this one!

So here it is – the secrets of Rae’s Lion Mane.

1. Yes, it’s all real!

2. 7 Seconds leave in conditioner by Unite. My hair is super dry, so when I can get light moisture that makes my hair soft, manageable, light weight and detangled – WIN. Plus it smells amazing and it’s a heat protector!

3. Moroccan Oil – not every time but definitely if it’s in need of extra love and moisture.

4. Marc Anthony Coconut Shampoo & Conditioner – I’ve even recently added in Grow Longer by the same brand. I think they add in all their own benefits so I like to switch it up. Give yourself a scalp massage as well!

5. Hair Masque’s by Marc Anthony. Leave it on for your whole shower if you can! So soft, such wow!

6. I wash my hair about every 4 days. I shampoo twice, conditioner or hair masque. EVERY TIME.

7. I only ever style my hair twice a week with heat. Buns, ponytails and braids are perfect for the gym! I actually don’t even brush my hair every day. Eek!

8. Find yourself an amazing hair dresser. I’ve had mine since I was 15 – who fixed my unfortunate box died hair and crooked bangs. Abe essentially owns my hair, I’m just leasing it from him.

9. Collagen – it’s good for the nails, good for the skin and the hair. I use marine collagen because its tasteless and the most beneficial!

10. I’m a firm believer in letting things be. If your hair is straight – work with it. If it’s thick and wavy like mine go with it- figure out its needs and once again work with it.

As you can tell my hair needs moisture because I live in Calgary which is such a dry location. It’s also very thick so I can’t have heavy products weighing it down. I also know that I can’t have product touch my roots. Know your hair and in return your hair will love you.

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