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Hawaii, literally Heaven!

We decided on Maui, literally no idea why but we did. To be 100% honest – I had no clue what was even going on. Essentially I just handed over my money and stayed completely out of the planning process. Isn’t that when you’re most surprised?

We ended up in Maui, and we stayed in the section called Kihei. Highly recommend this section of the island! Another thing I highly recommend, get a car! Hawaii is pretty spread out and we got to explore quite a bit by having one. We also went the route of booking an airbnb. Having a condo is perfect – and I think we really got use out of the kitchen, patio and it was nice to wash all the sand out of our clothes.

Also, if you have a Costco membership – bring it! ** Side Note: Hawaii Costco does not take M/C only Visa & Cash – also Canadian Debit does not work either **

Between 5 of us going we actually managed to keep Hawaii on budget! This was the first group vacation that Taylor and I have done and although we hit a couple speed bumps it ended up pretty well! Also, the first time we’ve travelled with one of us having a boyfriend. Jay’s pretty great though so it’s easy to have him around. 🙂


Do the Road to Hana – bring snacks, phone charger, towel, running shoes, change of clothes and download the App that guides you. Be warned this is really, really long – do you research ahead of time on where you want to stop!

Go to Big Beach! It was one of our favourite beaches we’ve been to! We brought boogie boards, snorkels, cooler full of food. The water is so clear, waves perfect and sand super soft.

Be warned if you go over the rocks to little beach you’ll find a nude beach –> I ran into a naked guy on my run… And by ran into there was a particular member of his body staring at me – of you catch my wave.

Get fish tacos! Ermergahd! So good!

Do visit Haleakala! This was breathtaking and simply awe inspiring. However, make sure you bring warm clothes. It drops to about 20 degrees. Being above all the clouds and seeing the range of mountain peaks truly humbled you. Stay for the sunset, and if you can park your car and wait for the stars.


Don’t book a snorkel trip if you’ve been before. To be honest this was very lacklustre. I got to swim with a sea turtle, it might have cost me $100 but I did it. Check, onto the next!

Hawaii was one of the most therapeutic trips I have been on. It’s not very often I’m sad to say goodbye to a place. I was very sad to say goodbye to Hawaii. Whether that’s because I fell in love with Hawaii, or for the first time Ive managed to open up.

Either way, we’ve already planned our next trip back.

Next go around we are going for more culture, hikes and water sports!

Big Beach

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