Bondi Sands… The Ultimate Tanner

If some of you are like me and live in a place where 6 months out of the year penguins and polar bears could roam about – you’re going to want to hear about Bondi Sands Tanner.

This is the HOLY GRAIL of tanner. It comes from Australia. I love Australian products, they know how to get a good tan! I do however hate ordering them in – but this one is worth every penny! I promise!

If I ever hear of someone leaving for Australia I put my order in with them. At their local drug store a bottle is $10 where getting it to Canada is $50 a bottle.

I use the extra dark foam – get a good mitt! This ensures even application. The foam goes on dark and you will know if you missed a spot! You immediately look 5 shades darker. I sleep in mine – chocolate brown sheets – White is a no go – even my white robe is a no go. When you shower the next day you’ll see all of the bronzer rinsing off – which is oddly satisfying. When you step out you have a beautiful even tan that looks pretty natural.

I’ll do this before events, vacations, photo shoots. I personally hate when my Scottish side comes out and I’m pale as a midnight moon. I feel super confident with a sun kissed tan – and any imperfections in my legs and butt I hate evens right out.

So if you have never done a fake tanner before here are my learned tricks.

• Do a foam with a mitt – super even results

• Shower before and use a good scrub brush to exfoliate. However, do not use a scrub that has an oil or anything that will leave a residue behind. This will cause streaking.

• Use a full length mirror and if you can have a friend handy to do your back even better. Thanks Taylor!

• Go easy on your elbows, knees and make sure to spend a little due diligence around your ankles and carry it out onto the tops of your feet. Once I’m done I use the very last soaked up bronzer on the mitt onto the tops of my hands and face. I leave my hands for about an hour and then wash them – scrub under the nails and in between the fingers to lessen the chances of webbing. I love doing my face – it’s like having a light sun kissed glow. Bye bye foundation.

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