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Calgary —> Vancouver // June 2018

When travelling make sure you’re content.

RaeTaylor is on the way to Hawaii! Quick little hour flight from Calgary to Vancouver. We are so excited. I’ve been so focused on work and the agency that I actually have about 0.01% knowledge of what’s going on. Thank god for Taylor. She booked the flights, the car and the condo.

What I do know is this is the bumpiest air plane ride we have ever been on. If Taylor has a heart attack – well folks it’s been a nice slice of Hawaiian pizza.

Getting onto airplanes and travelling have become the norm for us at this point. 5 years of travelling together. Taylor’s backpack is FULL of food – mine the laptop, chargers, Beats, a book and my Nikon. We really have this balance thing out.

So here’s the list of what we feel are the best items for your carry on bag.

• You guessed it, Food. No one likes a hangry girl. Fact. Give her some food and she will be content with the duration of any flight. (As I’m writing this Taylor looks up and says “oh put this as my tip!!!”

Taylor’s tip: they ask you if you want pretzel or cookies – but if you ask for both they’ll give you both! – her whole world is food guys. If I ever look at a man the way she looks at dinner coming it will be a miracle. And now she’s couponing with the McDonald’s coffee stickers – on a FLIGHT guys.

• My iPhone & Charger – I can do editing, blog images, blog posts, emails. EVERYTHING. Knowing I’m not wearing my phones battery down is so important. Nothing like landing in Bangkok with your phone on 5%. Good luck.

• Beats Headphones – sound proof, comfy, you can watch a movie or listen to your music – I’ve had some good sleeps in these.

• Comfy Sweater – I hate being cold- if I’m cold I’m a straight up b*tch.

• My Blanket/ Pillow – it folds up so small and the pillow is inflatable. Perfect for longer flights or over nighters.

• Book, Magazine or Sudoku- entertainment all the time.

• Check if the plane has an app for entertainment or wifi!

• Water, lip balm, gum, Garnier Face wipes, hand lotion, toothbrush, toothpaste, mascara, highlighter, CC cream – these are comfort items that I always have on me. I’ve landed in New York and have had to hit the ground running. 5 minutes in the bathroom and you’re good to go.

• I always bring a pair of lulu pants, shorts and extra underwear. If I’m going to a beach destination I put my bikini in as well. That way if my bags don’t show up – I’m chilling on a beach in my bikini.

To sum it up, make your travels comfy and convenient for you. Know yourself and what you need to be CONTENT. For me I’m super claustrophobic. I either need window or aisle. For Taylor she needs a place to lay her head. A window or a shoulder.

xoxo- Rae

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