What He Really Means…

There once was a movie. With a non crazy Mel Gibson … and he could hear what every women was thinking. Have you ever wondered vice versa what it would have been?

What he really means when he says….

– I’m ready to settle down —> in your bed.

– I would never lie to you —>at least to your face.

-I really like you —> sometimes, when I want to.

– you’re the only girl I’m talking to —> in this moment.

– I’ve never felt this way —> today.

– I see a future with you —> if the future was waking up in bed tomorrow

-of course my friends know I’m seeing you –> and Margaret, Becky and Carol.

-my mom raised me to respect women –> doesn’t mean I listened

-no my ex didn’t sleep over –> cause I drove her home

-you’re the one –> of an idiot, for believing me.

-I never do drugs—> on a day ending in y

-babe, I love your mom and best friend—> if they’d die.

-you’re so cute when you sleep —> alone

Almost 3 years in the dating world and I think Tay & I have learned a new language.

Hope you enjoy & have a good laugh. 😘

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