the career move of a 26 year old

On the way to L.A. from Salt Lake. 12 hours into a trip. Gives me all the time to get some blog posts together.

I’m a creature of habit. I like routine, stability and safety. I very rarely make an impromptu decision. It’s just not in my character.

This is why deciding to leave my Land Development/ Marketing job did not come easily. I’ve been there since I graduated post secondary. Almost 4 years. I’ve learned a lot, I’ve grown personally and I am supported daily by coworkers who have become close friends and family to me. Eventually though at 26 it was time to ask “what now, what’s next?”

I’m not one who will ever stay stagnant. I’m antsy, I yearn for more – more knowledge, more development, more growth. I am in a daily competition with myself.

9 days into 2018 – the job offer from my modeling agency came across. So here I am – moving on from my safety, my comfort, my family – and I’m about to jump head first into the unknown.

I am so excited to see where the adventures take me. WISH ME LUCK!


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