The Cleanse of 2018

Writing this on the way to Salt Lake City, Utah -> Los Angeles, California -> Belize City, Belize. Folks, we’ve got a lot of time.

I would say majority of people start their New Year off vowing to commit to those last 5 pounds, or maybe a dry January. Whatever your New Years Resolution is, I hope you own it.

Since I already have the fitness part down, I made a new type of resolution. This one was going to contribute to my mental health.

I am in the cleanse portion of my 20’s. I learned this from my friend C-Anne. This is the part where you – and this isn’t to sound harsh- start eliminating people from your life.

I’ve realized that if a relationship or friendship takes more out of you than it gives or if there is more drama and tension than not, it’s probably best that that relationship ends.

It’s very few and far between that a friendship makes the distance. Think about how many friends you may have had over your life. Sometimes people join your life for a temporary period – maybe it was a long period. Reflect on all those who have entered and left and ask yourself if you’ve learned at least a thing or two from each of them.

Spend that time on people who add, motivate you and grow with you. I’ve been lucky enough to have grown quite the family these past couple years.

So hello 2018, welcome to the cleanse.




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