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Belize 2018 // January 2018

Well, we are back from Belize. 8 days early!

So before I forget lets talk about the adventure of Belize 2018.

Unfortunately, Taylor and I went to Belize at probably one of the worst times. Belize’s rainy season should have been done but the weather gods had other ideas. Rain, Rain & what is that… more rain. I accused Tay of killing a spider but we all know there is nochance she could get close enough to one. I’ve been official spider killer of our house for 4 years.

Belize is BEAUTIFUL. The people there are unbelievably nice. Girls, if you’re travelling there sans male just beware- the cat calls are aggressive. I would also recommend not travelling too far off the beaten path at night.

The airport is in a place called Ladyville about a 30 min taxi drive to Belize City. From there if you are wanting to go to an island, you have to take a passenger ferry. It’s a pretty straightforward process.

We went to San Pedro first. We chose to go here first because it’s a little more developed. I want you to keep in mind that developed means golf carts for vehicle needs, small colorful homes that sing vibes of Cuba and small mom and pop boutiques. They have this great little town centre and at night it lights up with activity and dollar tacos!

We met two lovely girls from Winnipeg that made the trip 100X worth the rain.

So we ended up following them a day later to Caye Caulker – which is smaller and way less developed than their already less developed sister island Sand Pedro. Different feeling, different vibe. Once again it rained A LOT.

I think if we had gotten some more sunny days I could explain to you that Belize really is beautiful. The water is stunningly turquoise and clear, the people lovely, the homes cute, and the beaches lovely. They have swings, huts and wooden docks everywhere!

Top Pick: San Pedro all the way

Leave It Pick: Belize City – we spent one night here and to be honest we loved our afternoon here but extending our stay would not have been worth it.

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