Taken by Lovely Surprise

Have you ever been taken by such surprise that it makes you sit in a little dream world?

First of all. I’m writing this, sans headphones… because they walked off, no I didn’t lose them.  No, I never lose anything. So I’m at this gym, essentially where a lot of my life is based out of and without any music to kill what’s left of my hearing, I am able to reflect on the past week.

Now I’m an extroverted introvert with MAD anxiety skills. I love meeting new people, I love connecting … but shall they ask me to meet up again I’ll turn into a turtle who doesn’t want to leave it’s shell.

But this weekend, maybe 6 months after being introduced to a lovely individual I decided to catch a workout with him. The turtle has left the shell folks, watch out hare, I’m coming!

My goal in life is to know a piece of everyone’s story that I meet. You lived it and I want to hear it. I want to know how experiences change or affect people, how it changes the course of your thought process, ultimately how it effects your behavior and direction.

What I didn’t expect was for him to tell me that he, after really only meeting me once or twice in passing MONTHS  reads my blog. This tiny little girly pink blog. Let’s not get this twisted, this is a busy guy who has A LOT of his own stuff and endeavors going for him. I thought it was the most genuine caring thing someone could have said to me.

To take an interest in someone that you barely know, left me amazed –  someone who cares more than just about themselves and their daily grind but also wants to hear the whole story, and I thought that was just awe inspiring and very sweet. If anything it really motivated me to continue writing. After all, the point to this is not to reach a million people, but to reach that one who maybe just needs to know they aren’t alone.

So here’s to the guy who thinks my 10 reps X 3 sets is the funniest thing. Maybe, just maybe I’ll try to rep out 13.. but I wouldn’t hold your breath. After all, I’m a turtle, and we tend to be a little slower than the hare.

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