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New Year, Same Me.. just maybe better ?

If you know me, you know last year beat the poop out of me. 2017 taught me a lot about loss, it taught me a lot about perseverance and a lot about doing the things you always thought of but never quite got to.

I lost a man I loved very much, I shortly lost my dog and most of all I think I lost myself a little.

On the other hand, I gained and maintained strong friendships, I restarted the RaeTaylor Instagram and I launched the RaeTaylor Blog. I decided to pursue modeling and I went after my personal training certification. I even decided to ask for more from my work.

I think the key thing I found in this that within loss – there is so much to gain.

So this year, I’ll continue to grow. Ill continue to evolve. First stop – Belize, Second Stop – RaeTaylor is headed to New York City with Numa Models.

The world truly is your oyster – it just depends if you’re willing to shape that pearl.


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