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Oh, for the love of sugar

Here I am, for the third night in a row, in the middle of editing photos and videos and all I can think about is CANDY. If I was Supergirl this would be my kryptonite.

Here’s the thing with dieting, healthy eating and exercise. We get it in our heads that we can’t allow ourselves what we want. I have a pretty strict diet, so if my body says … “candy” for the third day, do you know what I’m going to do? Get in my cute little white SUV and get myself some candy.

Here’s what I do though. I don’t buy the whole bag of sour patch kids. Although trust me, I desperately want to. No, I buy 2-4 of those big 25 cent candies and accept that that is what going to go down.

1. this way there are no leftovers for the next day.

2. there is no guilt that a BAG of candy would have given me.

Am I going to do this everyday? Absolutely not but what we need to remember is that it’s ok to crave our favourite foods. It’s just important to understand moderation.

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