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The littlest pebble makes the biggest crack…

I think I realized something this weekend that I never understood before.

I’m big on life teaching you lessons that maybe you didn’t quite understand before.

Dating is a tricky thing, you literally date someone or see them until they or you decide “nah, I could take or leave this person” – leaving that person to ponder what they did, why they aren’t good enough or what they did wrong.

On a drive to Banff, in my new SUV a tiny rock hit my windshield… funnily enough this happened with a guy I was debating a relationship with … and that’s when I realized that it doesn’t always take a rock to break something. Rather it can take a small moment, a small pebble.. to create a big crack.

It doesn’t always have to be this big love, a big fight, a serious relationship.. it can take a small moment, a small memory, a small pebble to create damage.

If you’re reading this, relating, I feel for you, I do. Mainly because at the end of it, I can promise you it’s not you. Rather it’s just a small pebble, among many big rocks.

Those small pebbles will allow you to grow and prepare yourself for those bigger rocks. Sometimes even, you’ll think some pebbles are bigger rocks than what they are but thankfully time will put you in check.

So trust it, and just know down the road, 2 years.. maybe 5. You’ll look back and realize, maybe even appreciate the growing you did from those small pebbles that were so imperative to you to be able take on the bigger rocks.

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