Running, Running, Running

I am always on the go. Which should be no surprise to find out that I LOVE running.

I thought I was a good runner, till I started running longer distances and timing myself. This is where I really found how to become the best runner I could be. I am often asked by people to “teach” them how to run. Which to some sounds a little silly, running is like riding a bike right? Maybe so but I definitely have some tips of my own that might make running a little easier!

First: Find a great playlist. I personally love using Apple Music because I have unlimited music and endless new albums out. There is nothing better than a fall run with a new album playing in your ears. Ultimate distraction from the pain you are about to put yourself through.

Second: Running shoes REALLY do matter. I was anti expensive running shoes until I wore a pair of Nike’s on a full 150km month of outdoor running. This only added up to a lovely IT Band issue. So if you can splurge on those shoes. Personal Favourite – a good Asics, New Balance or Saucony. If you go into a proper shoe store, such as the Running Room, they can help determine what support you need and the best shoe for you!

Third: Find the path of least resistance. This to me means finding a path that you LOVE. I do the same path almost everyday in the summer. I know the routes, I know the distance, I know how to shorten it or make it stronger, I can make it more difficult with hills or add on stairs. I can also measure how well I did next to other days. Sometimes I switch it up and head out for new sights, but I often find myself back on my same route.

Fourth: Find a great running app. I use Nike+ Run Club (Nike+ Run Club). This app changed my running! It tells you how long you have gone for, and your average time per km or mile. I find this useful as it helps me compare to how I have done on previous runs. Plus, its really cool to look back on a month of running and see how far you’ve actually ran. It creates this almost competition with yourself, and I adore a good competition.

Fifth: Enjoy it. Decompress. Think. Breathe the Fresh Air. Take in the Views.

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