The Best Relationship You Can Have

This is the post excerpt.

Let’s talk relationships. No, not the romantic type. Let’s talk about the relationship I believe every girl should experience with their best friend.

I think it is such an unfortunate thing for girls to not experience having a friend who is so close to you, you could swear that you should have been related. The one who makes you spit your juice across the table, the one who gets what you’re saying with one look, and the person who they swear you’re a lesbian with because you fill each others social media pages.

Call them what you want… Best Friend, Soul Mate or the Sister you never had. That’s the Taylor to my Rae.

I think every girl in their early adult years should experience the “Single Life”. When I was 22, I swore I was going to be engaged and married to the man of my dreams by the time I was 26. I had the house, I had the career and I had what I thought was the dream man. Ideally, it sounds like I had my dream life… until that fell apart and then subsequently I fell apart and you can guess who came and picked me up. Taylor to the rescue!

I then experienced this new dream life I had never thought of, never imagined or even considered I was missing.

The question that I love is, “why is someone like you is single?” I’m driven, I have a decent head on my shoulders, my poop together, fit, young, and yes I am not completely horrifying to look at.

The only answer I have, and I say it without shame – because there is NOTHING wrong with being single.  I choose to be single. I realized this when one night cooking dinner with Taylor- with yet another awful choice in a bottle of red wine, we were collapsed on the floor in one of our obnoxious laugh attacks. I looked across the kitchen floor and realized that if my supposed dream world would have worked out, I would have 1,000 less laughs, had even more missed experiences and would have met a hundred less people, mostly I would be missing a part of my soul – I would have been best friendless. Could you imagine a Rae without a Taylor?

So be picky, take your time, get to know yourself, grow your friend group, travel and make sure you laugh.. a lot.

So here is the first blog post and we are excited to bring you many more. I hope you enjoy RaeTaylor Fitness – the fitness & lifestyle blog.


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